Friday, 24 December 2010

The Elemental 5

 "It is my pleasure to be able to offer Angie’s extraordinary sculptures an exhibition space at the Lauries Centre into early 2010."  Exhibition curator Simon Mack.

Artist Statements

Elemental 1
Made from stainless steel. This design was the first in the series. It evolved from researching nature’s geometry and pattern occurrence. I applied the research to my philosophies to produce the work you see before you

Spiral is .7 gauge stainless steel.
width, 330mm x height 271mm.

Elemental 2
The objective was to change the polarity and dynamics of the original design. The stand upon which it rests gives the impression it is being tethered down

Spiral is .7 gauge stainless steel.
Base plate is brushed stainless steel and
support rod is solid mild steel.
Width 270mm x height 392mm.

Elemental 3
In the exploration of the versatility within this dynamic design series, this wave-like arrangement evolved.  I find the flow of this piece quite exquisite

Spiral is .7 gauge stainless steel.
Width 375mm x height 65mm.

Elemental 4
I evolved my design in its complexity and size. I wanted to see how the material responded to the new weight, size and intricacy. As with all my work, they produce remarkable shadows, a 'serendipitous by-product' so to speak

1mm gauge mild steel
width 620mm x height 1918mm.

Elemental 5
This sculpture consists of seven parts. I wanted to create a set of sculptures that are suspended at various heights in an area, as though weightless and ethereal organisms were gathering
XX Dimension

Thursday, 23 December 2010

The Journey of Development Our Children Take

The journey of development our children take

Artist Statement

"The commission came quite unexpectedly during my degree whilst researching for a project.  During conversations with the head Mistress, the overall tone was that of nurture.  I considered the result of careful nurture, that of strength, confidence, intelligence.  The tree of knowledge to me demonstrates the development of their education when carefully nurtured.  The foundations or roots being the start of their learning lives and as the children develop, so too the tree grows.  The tree's surface holds many paths of development but all evolving, all finding their own way.  As the branches form, we see how children find their own interests and skills and so they evolve towards them.  As the new leaves form, we see the beginning of their 'soon to be' first steps into a new school where their education will evolve with more independence ".

Liscard Primary, Wallasey

"Angie was engaged with Liscard Primary School to undertake an art commission to be displayed in the newly refurbished school entrance. The brief was to produce a piece of artwork in liaison with various members of the school which represented the journey of development our children take.

She is an energetic person who responds when faced with a challenge and openly embraced collaboration. She is a divergent thinker with a creative approach when problem solving. These skills enabled her to grasp and exploit the constantly developing nature of the project whilst working with both children and adults.

Angie demonstrated her ability to work with a wide range of individuals, ranging from Foundation One pupils to teachers and other representatives from within and outside the school community. All of whom enjoyed participating the tasks Angie provided.

Angie showed a good Level of commitment during the process and execution of the project. She has a natural ability to relate to people from all areas of life which in turn enhanced the project being undertaken. It is true to say that enthusiasm and energy are her true strengths. Her commitment is infectious and she is a true people person who enjoys sharing her creative process.

The commission was completed in November 2009 and now has pride of place in our reception area which is the first port of call for all visitors to school.
Headteacher, Liscard Primary.


Artist Statement
I am interested in capturing a fluid moment of impact or its journey towards it. In these maquettes I used melted mirror effect plastic sheet to express this.

Holy Boats

Artist Statement

This image was taken during the Liverpool Biennial and captures the installation of upturned pea green boats in Liverpool's bombed out church. Here, I wanted to capture the feeling of curious excitement. A secret place discovered...

Original Art work by Mattej Andraz Vogrincic during the 2006 Biennials

Twist Sculptures

These two pieces were my first attempts with metal.  I sourced help from various departments within college.  They taught me the skills I  needed and helped me to understand the material I was working with.  I chose copper since it was a soft metal and it reveals such beautiful colours when heated.  The plumbing department had a stock pile of old boilers at the time so I payed a nominal fee to the plumbing section for the boilers I used.   

Copper & Solder

Artist Statement

Wave 1
Never still, yet we have a chance to glimpse the intricacies of the wave before us, in its delicate and terrifying glory, in a moment lost forever.

Wave 1

946mm x 500mm
Copper Sheet, Araldite, Airbrush Paint and Solder

Close up of wave

Artist Statement

The Key
If the flow of air were the lock then the bird is the key. The solder was dropped from a height and allowed to take its natural form on impact, the air playing its part during descent to form the key.

The Key

1130mm x 474mm
Copper Sheet, Solder and Araldite

The Key framed (sold)

  Artist Statement

Roaring Forties
The collision of oceans lies before you on these brooding copper skies. They watch as momentary statues of foam and wave form and reform in ever turbulent displays.

Roaring Forties

1130mm x 474mm
Copper Sheet, Solder and Araldite

Roaring Forties Framed

Roaring Forties with Artist Angie McCormick


Time Deconstructed

Artist Statement
These images were taken with a macro lens and bellows as part of a project exploring seeing what isn’t normally seen.

The New Wave Project

Artist Statement

The New Wave project was funded by Merseytravel to stand outside their Ferry Terminal. New Wave is just that, a new wave of my artwork, a new wave literally and a new wave of success.

The wave sculpture with Artist Angie McCormick

2M x 2M x 4M - Polyproylene Plastic

Setting the ambiance for the exhibition party later

Exhibition party under way (photo taken from 2nd floor)

The following images are all of the construction process from start to finish.....

So this all took around 5 weeks to complete and was all made from Arrowebrook Fabricators plastics workshop, with massive help from Ken.  The guys from the metal department helped shift it and bolt it down.  This in itself was a challenge as you have seen! The people in the office were great and I am eternally grateful for their open mindedness with my project and the sacrifices they made to accommodate it.