Saturday, 8 January 2011

Beach commission

This piece is 67 inches at its widest point and is made of 1mm mild steel (top sheet), 1mm aluminium (under sheet) and copper (boats).  The two sheets were laser cut and I used a plasma cutter to cut out the boats.  I blow torched the mild steel to bring out the browns and blow torched the copper a little too to bring out the lovely colours in it.  The scene is to depict the view seen from the clients window in that room.  It reflects the sands, as the tide has gone out, leaving behind pools of water.  There are little fishing boats left in the sand also. I wanted to acknowledge the timelessness of nature by the precision of the laser cut.  The sand and sea have been there far longer than the man made boats but the boats are aged and worn. So the plasma cut boats sit in contrast to natures timeless qualities.